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Your tires, your brakes and your vehicle’s safety systems (seatbelts, airbags, etc.) are the three main components that that keep you alive in your vehicle when they are needed. We typically don’t think much about them but it’s critical that they perform their role when we need them most.

There is a reason the phrase, “where the rubber hit’s the road,” came about. Your tires are the last point of contact between the road and the 6000 pounds of steel and glass that you are riding in at 28 meters per second at highway speeds. How well they perform is affected by many variables such as speed, road and atmospheric conditions just to name a few. While we can’t control every variable, we can make decisions in choosing a tire that will perform best under most of the conditions you are likely to encounter.

Your safety is one of our primary concerns here at Tires On the Run. It is precisely why we ask questions about your typical driving conditions and environment when you look to us for tires. We don’t so much just sell tires as we do match you to the tires to which you are best suited. When our service is complete, we want you to know that the rubber that your car is on is safe, you’ve gotten full value for your money and that you’ve made the best possible tire choice for the environment that you are likely to encounter.

This is one of our critical core values here at Tires On The Run and one of the key factors that we feel separates us from our competitors.

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Tires on the Run has been Calgary and area's premier mobile tire service since 2013. Through your local support, we have grown from our humble, single mobile unit beginnings into a two mobile unit, three bay shop serving Airdrie, Calgary and a 100km radius surrounding our home base in Airdrie, AB.

Our Airdrie shop location offers you fast and efficient services at competitive prices. Our trained staff care about your driving comfort and safety. We take the time to make sure that your tires are matched to your driving environment giving you personalized driving experience.

For those who would rather, our mobile units are fully equipped to provide full services without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Our mobility allows us to provide flat repair and roadside assistance as well as full, new tire installations. Whether it be trailer tire replacement without having to move your RV, tire balancing and rotation while you are at work or flat repair for contractors wanting to reduce down time, we've got you covered.

For a truly unique tire experience, we're Tires On The Run.

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Our mobile units offer a truly unique experience. We do offer emergency road side assistance with them but they offer so much more. Both units are fully equipped with the latest tire technology and can complete virtually any task that can be accomplished with a shop level service. This allows you to get your tire work done while at work or in the comfort of your own home.

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We are on the grow! For your convenience, we have added a shop location in Airdrie. It offers three service bays to get you in and out quickly offering us the opportunity to service a growing demand for our services.
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